Whatever your focus is, ASPYRA makes a difference in your lab’s productivity.

Veterinary laboratories don’t only test animal specimens. Some veterinary labs test specimens for both humans and animals. Our cost-effective, efficient laboratory information system (LIS), CyberLAB®, enhances the efficiency of testing specimens, be they human or animal. Our LIS is comprehensive and makes it easy to define the normal high and low ranges for blood and urine test results for humans and animals.

And, the LIS allows the lab manager to define these ranges-in the case of animals-by species. There is no practical limit to the species types. As a browser-based system, CyberLAB provides a complete, end-to-end solution that enhances the lab’s workflow and improves productivity.

When the lab needs to interface with veterinary hospitals and clinics located in cities or rural areas, the LIS offers a seamless connection for orders, results, and billing.


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