Digital Pre-operative Planning and Templating for Orthopaedic Surgeons

Orthopaedic surgeons need a fast, easy way to create detailed pre-operative plans from digital x-ray images. OrthoView facilitates digital planning and templating for joint arthroplasty and revisions, trauma, limb deformity correction, osteotomy and spinal assessment and is chosen by hospitals worldwide to complete their target of film-free radiology.

Template Selection and Quality

OrthoView comes with a library of high quality digital templates developed from data supplied by the implant manufacturers.  The library is updated regularly and managed via the web. You can download additional templates as you need them or new templates as they become available.  To request more info, please click here.

Range of Joints

OrthoView enables pre-operative templating for the following procedures:

  • Hips – total and femoral resurfacing
  • Knees – total and unicompartmental
  • Shoulders – total, reverse and humeral resurfacing
  • Revision prostheses
  • Small joints

A surgeon using OrthoView 6.0 with SmartHip can template a THA in just 60 seconds!

Fracture Management & Trauma Planning

OrthoView’s innovative Fracture Management module has been developed in conjunction with leading trauma surgeons to give rapid, on-screen planning and templating for trauma cases.

Features include:
On-screen fracture reduction – This uses a simple click, cut and drag technique. Each fragment has a fully adjustable outline and a shadow is left on the original image when the fragment is manipulated or moved away

Smart templates for trauma – With OrthoView’s Smart Templates for Trauma, it’s quick and easy to step between size options by simply dragging the end of the template to fit the anatomy. Each template is automatically populated with the correct screw options with colour coding defining the different types available such as locking and cancellous. The screw templates follow the behaviour of the real thing. Plates can even be bent on screen for the best visualisation of potential screw interference in complex cases of fracture management

Comprehensive Report and Notes – Your selected fracture management templates and screw options are recorded automatically in a Report. Optional use of the Notes feature allows recording of other aspects of the pre-operative plan.

Limb Deformity Correction

An integrated suite of tools that assists the surgeon in performing limb deformity assessment and corrective surgery planning. Although specifically directed at surgeons following the CORA method, this module will be of value to all surgeons working in the area of deformity correction.

The module has three major capabilities. These are:

  • Assessing the patient’s anatomy pre-operatively   
    • Measure mechanical axis deviation   
    • Assess hip, knee, and ankle joint orientation (frontal plane)   
    • Assess hip, knee, and ankle joint orientation (sagittal plane)
  • Planning Osteotomy cuts   
    • Draw a wide range of axes based on mid-diaphyseal and joint lines   
    • Establish CORA   
    • Add cuts at CORA or manually   
    • Plan in frontal, sagittal or oblique planes   
    • Provide apical direction and translation graphs   
    • Demonstrate bone segment animation to visualize post-operative outcome
  • Customizing the Taylor Spatial Frame   
    • Measure (via OV Wizard) the position of the frame with respect to the anatomy
DDH Assessment

For assessment of the dysplastic hip the measurements include acetabular angle, centre edge angle, Reimers index and others.

Spinal Assessment

The Spinal Deformity Assessment module provides a wide range of tools to assess the spine in both sagittal and corornal planes in cases of scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, and spondylolisthesis.  The spinal assessments are based on the requirements of both the HARMS and Spinal Deformity Study Group and they will be useful to anyone working in this field.

OrthoView tools screen


View OrthoView training videos here or contact ASPYRA at 888-731-0731 ext. 104 to schedule your OrthoView training.