Optimize Workflow with a Robust, Flexible Solution

Clinics need the full functionality of the picture archive and communications systems (PACS) to receive, view, and archive studies, but they also need a workflow to allow quick and simple access to a patient’s images both inside the clinic or from other locations.

Whether you are a small clinic or multi site organization, ASPYRA’s flexible solutions can be easily configured to meet your workflow and productivity needs. Our solution, based on DICOM, HL7, and open standards, can be seamlessly interfaced to most practice management or electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

AccessMED’s powerful yet simple-to-use tools allow clinics to securely distribute images to wherever they are needed, such as other facilities, radiology reading services, or a remote data storage facility for archiving.

Clinics often need to review studies received from other facilities or hospitals along with studies acquired at the clinic. By the use of software wizards, imaging studies can be easily imported from CDs or other portable media into the system and viewed. Studies can also be exported to CDs for sending studies to other facilities or a specialist.

Clinics may also need the ability to manually or automatically transmit studies, such as MRs (magnetic resonance imaging), to an outside radiologist for interpretation. Using built-in routing services, this can be easily established. For access to studies from outside of the clinic, our web portal, which is included with the system, allows secure remote access to studies from any Internet-connected computer.

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