MedVIEW WX – A New View for ASPYRA Customers

ASPYRA LLC announced today that ASPYRA’s MedVIEW WX, a new web viewer for the company’s PACS product, is giving customers a great new, easy to use tool for accessing their exams.

Matt McKinney, Radiology Director of Van Diest Medical Center, IA reports “It’s been a very positive reception from our physicians using MedVIEW WX.  They love the simple access to reports, the history of exams for their patients, and the performance of the streaming images. 

It gives them a boost in productivity because they can start determining which images need the most immediate attention right away.”  He went on to add, “We have a number of doctors who used to get their exams on CD.  Now MedVIEW WX will provide them with a way to access those exams faster and help cut the time formerly spent on burning CD’s.  We’re recommending it to all our outside physicians.”

“We love to incorporate customer suggestions in our products,” noted Scott Treiber, ASPYRA RIS/PACS Solution Center Manager.  “The customer knows best what they need in the product and we know how to put it in a great, functional framework.  Giving customers the tools they need to help boost their productivity is one of ASPYRA’s key goals.  Our business is all about the customer and the value we can provide to them.”