CyberLAB LIS for the Long Term Care Lab marketplace

ASPYRA has excelled in providing solutions to Laboratories who service the Long-Term Care market segment and  has evolved their flagship laboratory product – CyberLAB to be the leader in the segment.

•    Integrated, Powerful Standing Orders:  Drive costs down and
      testing volume up.
•    Flexible Reporting: Be more valuable to LTC’s with reporting you
     can deliver anyway, anytime,  anywhere.
•    Optimized, Automated Testing: Reduce errors, do more with less
     staff, increase test volume.
•    Maximum Reimbursements: Get paid for all you do faster and avoid
     services that are  non reimbursable.
•    Value Added Services: Help LTC’s avoid fines, disruption of service,
     shutdowns with compliance  support and make money doing it.
•    Mileage Calculation: Billable travel related charges are calculated,
     captured and transmitted through billing for processing for quick, 
     and accurate reimbursement.

Ready To Learn More?

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