Measure What Matters To Your Laboratory

leading laboratory information system softwareAs your laboratory grows, adding value to your clients and making yourself stand out from competitors is key to marketing your services. If your considering a laboratory information system software that can help keep your facility in front of other labs, we have the right solution.

In fact, for for over thirty years our team has been providing, supporting and implementing our LIS solutions that help cut costs for our clients and provide ease of use features which, in turn help their clients stream line their overall lab processing.

If you are looking for a software system that is both cost-effective and gives you an advantage when it comes to your competitors, we are ready to show you.

Our LIS System Advantages

Our CyberLAB® was designed by actual lab users, specifically for lab users. This means that the features we’ve included were created from years of real world, hands on laboratory experience. Take a look at some of these laboratory information system LIS features:

  • Lower revenue leakage with features that catch reimbursement gaps upfront
  • Allow secure, remote access for staff outside the office
  • Access to business analytics to track & improve your LIS performance
  • Fully staffed support and development team ready to help your laboratory
  • Plus a whole lot more!
Your Laboratory Information Partner

time saving laboratory information system lisWhen you work with ASPYRA, your not just getting an efficient  laboratory information system or LIS, you gain the value of a partner that is looking out for your success.

We know that through our years of LIS experience in laboratory process, we can guide you down the path to success and help you cut costs and streamline your actual processing and reporting time.

In todays market, hiring more staff just to get lab work done faster is not really a cost effective option. Let us share how having the right laboratory information system software in place can truly make an impact on your lab’s bottom line. Please contact us for more details on our LIS solutions.

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