Flexible Imaging Solutions For Any Organization

Whether you are a specialty practice like Orthopedics, an imaging center, or a larger health care facility, ASPYRA PACS has you covered with AccessNET, AccessMED or AccessMED Lite. Our PACS solutions are flexible enough to meet any facility’s workflow through simple customization.  Because we are ISO 13485 certified, you have the assurance of high quality products.  To find out more about ISO 13485, click here.

From simple remote access to robust viewers, we allow healthcare professionals to diagnose, consult, and maximize quality of care and efficiency. Affordable enough for small facilities and able to grow with you – no need for the expense and headaches of forklift upgrades or replacement systems.

Additional Product Offering

AccessSTAT for Real Time Analytics on all your applications and your network.  Click here to find out more!

Key Benefits Of Our Imaging Solutions

Workflow Engine
Our Workflow Engine makes it easy to automate processes to reduce time, effort, and opportunity for errors. Support your evolving business needs with simple changes to workflow.
Flexible Viewer
Our viewers are designed to help maximize productivity for diagnostic or clinical, remote or on-site personnel – tools, images, and information are displayed the way each person prefers and works best.

MedVIEW is delivered with Mammography hanging protocols defined for the Primary Reader role and a three monitor display configuration (2 diagnostic monitors). All of the tools you would expect such as: CAD Visualization, Screening and Diagnostic protocols including Partial Views, Various ways to zoom and much more, all included.

These 3 tools enhance the viewing capabilities for cross-sectional exams (CT, MR, CT/PET) by providing Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR), Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) and Volume Rendering (VR) tools. These viewing options enable you to comparatively examine images in different planar angles, assemble selected slices to create custom slabs/volumes and much more.

Diagnostic Reports
Our Diagnostic Reports capabilities enable you to deliver and receive reports through HL7 or DICOM communication standards or automated faxing as well as scan in reports, notes, and other paper documents for complete information on the patient.

Include security on scanned documents to limit visibility of sensitive information to only those groups who need to view it.
Order Capture
Our Order Capture capabilities offer a solution to those who need modality work list or scheduling capability. Schedule imaging and view schedules for multiple rooms, over book, and block out times; instant schedule of imaging for specialties or walk ins; receive orders through HL7 messages and add notes, scanned reports, etc.

Then deliver Modality Work List to your imaging equipment to reduce errors.
On-site and remote storage using any media you prefer – options provide quick access and redundancy for disaster recovery.
AccessNET Web Portal
Access for your referring physicians and staff to reach their patient exams through the Internet and your system administrator to easily access tools from anywhere.
Guest Portal
Grant access to specific exams for your patients and those authorized by the patient while protecting the rest of your data.

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