Ensuring A Seamless Interface With Other Entities

Esoteric labs have special needs in terms of workflow, whether those labs may be performing DNA testing, molecular diagnostics, allergy testing or clinical trials.

In each of these unique settings, there’s the challenge of ensuring a seamless interface with the other entities you interact with – including other labs,¬†research institutions or with doctor offices in the community. This interface is crucial for orders, results, and billing. While other labs and doctor offices may use different computer systems, you need to establish a trouble-free integration.

To meet this challenge, make sure you have the right Laboratory Information Software (LIS) to provide for an efficient and effective set of interfaces.

For more than three decades, ASPYRA’s CyberLAB LIS stood the test of time in a variety of laboratory settings with challenging interface requirements. Our success is due to a savvy combination of technology and people.

CyberLAB offers the technological edge to perform reliably, while alleviating your interface challenges. Our team of interface experts understands the reality of the specialty reference lab, its workflow within and between labs, and the important connection to doctor offices. We take pride in partnering with clients to satisfy their LIS requirements and to guide them through the entire process. With CyberLAB, you can optimize your laboratory operation to best serve your constituents inside and outside the lab.

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