Optimize Efficiency, Throughput  And Collaboration

With more than 30 years of automating clinical labs, CyberLAB LIS has you covered.  From Order Capture through Results Reporting, our software connects you to the health care network and enables you to efficiently, effectively automate prioritization, interim results, testing, reporting and all the steps to ensure billing AND collection of all that you deserve.

More than that, our approach to delivery will help you optimize efficiency, throughput, and collaboration with EMRs and insurers.

We’re experts at interfacing connecting you to new instruments in weeks not months.  And, a highly flexible workflow engine underpins your entire operation, so you can adapt and optimize, without expensive outside consultants and with a minimum of IT technical support.

Key Capabilities:

  • Fully automated order capture
  • Batch order entry
  • Automated medical necessity checking
  • Automated insurability testing
  • Automated exception and rush order handling
  • Automated interim results checking
  • Doctor, facility, customer special rule support
  •  Web Gateway remote access to complete system functionality
  • Flexible results reporting
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Robust management reporting


CyberLAB LIS allows you to quickly connect and adapt your workflows to maximize automation and compete based on your unique mix of

  • Efficiency: maximize margins so price competition doesn’t kill your profits and budget restrictions don’t impair quality of service
  • Throughput: get more through the system faster AND more predictably with flexible workflows, 100% automation, and insightful operational reports
  • Collaboration: with over 30 years in the business, we’re experts at connecting to EMRs, insurers, and over hundreds of instrument companies.  Connect fast and stay connected as your business or the network adapts.
  • Adaptability: if you’re competing with new tests, we have you covered.  If you want to add a custom process for a new customer, no problem.  All this happens without extensive technical support with the industry’s most adaptable LIS system.
Ready To Learn More?

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