Digital X-Ray Specialists, Inc.

Digital_LogoDigital X-Ray Specialists, Inc. (DXS) is a long term ASPYRA reseller who has been an Authorized Reseller for ASPYRA’s PACS since 2006.  DXS provides a wide array of services such as:
   •    Imaging Equipment (most brands)
   •    Radiography, Mammography, & more
   •    PACS
   •    Computer Servers and Workstations
   •    Film Digitizers and Processors
   •    Archives (including Vendor Neutral Archive)
   •    Professional Services
   •    Support

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The average customer has been using ASPYRA solutions for over 10 years.  These solutions grow with you to keep you current and meet your needs as they evolve.  For over 30 years ASPYRA has been improving the productivity and efficiency of many types of imaging clients.
   •   Hospitals
   •   Clinics
   •   Imaging Centers
   •   Radiology Reading Groups
   •   Orthopedic Practices
   •   Other Specialty Practices

Customer service and a focus on enhancing the customer experience through implementation of the latest technology and software while supporting traditional installations in Tennessee and surrounding areas help set DXS a cut above other companies in the region.