The landscape of the healthcare industry is constantly changing.  We are moving toward more information available to providers and patients while protecting patient privacy; more facilities are trying to provide better care faster than ever before while using fewer resources; more data and devices are available to provide detail for healthcare planning while reimbursements are going down.  Digital solutions are aiding with all of these.  Many facilities and providers are maximizing their reimbursements with Meaningful Use Certification.

ASPYRA, LLC’s CyberLAB® version 7.3 Laboratory Information System software was Certified for Meaningful Use 2014 Edition on May 16, 2014.  Certificate No. 05162014-2602-9 was issued by The Drummond Group on behalf of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) in the following measures:

  • 170.314.b.6 – Transmission of Lab Results to Ambulatory Providers
  • 170.314.d.1 – Authentication, Access Control, and Authorization
  • 170.314.d.5 – Automatic Logoff
  • 170.314.d.7 – Encryption of Data at Rest
  • 170.314.f.4 – Transmission of Reportable Laboratory Tests and Values/Results
  • 170.314.g.1 – Automated Numerator Recording
  • 170.314.g.4 – Quality Management System


2014 MU Costs and Limitations:

This Health IT Module is 2014 Edition compliant and will require an additional cost to establish each MU 2014 Compliant Interface to be used for reporting to each registry from each reporting system. For example, immunization registries, cancer registries, and public health agencies would all be separate interfaces that will in each instance incur the additional cost equal to 10% of each interface price (Meaningful Use Surcharge) for each reporting system (EHR/EMR System) that CyberLAB will be reporting through.   In addition, ongoing support fees will include the 10% Meaningful Use Surcharge as well and can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually as determined by the license and support agreements elected by the user. There are no other limitations to the MU 2014 Certification if chosen to be implemented (170.314.b.6 and 170.314.f.4).