Maximize  Efficiency To Best Serve The Doctors in your Community

A clinic with community outreach needs a reliable interface for orders, results, reports, and electronic medical records (EMR) and allows community doctors access to the lab information quickly and efficiently.

Although the doctors may have computer systems with various interface needs in their offices, the right LIS can make remote access a seamless process.

With ASPYRA’s CyberLAB Laboratory Information System (LIS), you can maximize your laboratory’s efficiency and effectiveness so that you can best serve the doctors in your community, both inside and outside the clinic.

Our team of experts understand the everyday reality of the clinic, its lab workflow, and the remote connection to doctors offices. After 30 years in the business, we’ve learned the value of partnering with our lab customers to help improve their bottom line while enhancing patient care.

Are you in the market for a LIS solution? Consider ASPYRA. You tell us what you need, when you want it and we’ll deliver it your way; it’s that simple.

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