Cost-effective and flexible to meet the needs of your workflow

A clinical reference laboratory has two big challenges to remain competitive. First, the laboratory must have a seamless interface with other reference laboratories to which it may send orders. And, secondly, doctors want to send orders and receive test results, so the laboratory must be able to integrate easily to the various computer systems in doctor offices within the community.

ASPYRA’s Laboratory Information System (LIS), CyberLAB is not only easy to implement, it’s cost-effective and flexible to meet the needs of your workflow. Also, our team of interface specialists will seamlessly help you connect to other reference laboratories and doctors in your community.

Our interface professionals can make certain that the order entries, test results, and billing information pass easily and seamlessly through the interfaces. ASPYRA has implemented LIS solutions throughout the United States for more than 30 years and because of our experience and skill sets, we can configure the system to meet your specific requirement and workflow today and as you continue to grow.

Are you in the market for a LIS solution? Consider ASPYRA. You tell us what you need, when you want it and we’ll deliver it your way; it’s that simple.

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