Is your lab CLIA ready?

Is your lab CLIA ready? [Video]

Instead of kicking the compliance can down the road, labs can more easily maintain compliance with a laboratory information system.
Clinical labs can use a laboratory information system to help maintain CLIA compliance.

How an LIS can prepare clinical labs for CLIA compliance

A laboratory information system provides clinical facilities with the ability to create a culture of continuous quality and record-keeping to maintain CLIA regulatory compliance.
Since they comprise nearly three-quarters of a patient's medical record, it's imperative that clinics generate high quality lab reports.

Improving the integrity of lab reports with LIS

A laboratory information system provides health care organizations with a means to produce highly accurate lab reports, delivered in a timely manner in a clear and precise format.
A LIS gives medical labs the ability to make strides toward achieving the Triple Aim.

How LIS helps health care organizations achieve the ‘Triple Aim’

A laboratory information system lets health care organizations focus on providing high quality care while cutting costs to achieve the Triple Aim.