How the right PACS solutions can speed up health care IT implementation

The right PACS solution speeds up training and implementation for health care IT software, which reduces the costs associated with downtime and ensures all staff members are efficient and accurate with their usage of the system.
Undertaking a legacy system upgrade requires a careful strategy that involves all the necessary teams.

What to consider when updating legacy health care systems

Since updating a system is a major investment, the push to implement newer technology with more robust features requires IT staff to take a nuanced and strategic approach before, during and after the integration process.
Since they comprise nearly three-quarters of a patient's medical record, it's imperative that clinics generate high quality lab reports.

Improving the integrity of lab reports with LIS

A laboratory information system provides health care organizations with a means to produce highly accurate lab reports, delivered in a timely manner in a clear and precise format.
A LIS gives medical labs the ability to make strides toward achieving the Triple Aim.

How LIS helps health care organizations achieve the ‘Triple Aim’

A laboratory information system lets health care organizations focus on providing high quality care while cutting costs to achieve the Triple Aim.