If you are an anatomic pathology laboratory, you know that you need a comprehensive pathology information system that will allow you to have access to reach the community. ASPYRA’s CyberPATH® AP offers pathology departments the latest technology and comprehensive functionality designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.


  • User Class Security defined down to function level
  • AP History (view historical changes for each case)
  • View case report results in CyberPATH and CyberLAB®
  • Historical Search Tools with Access to Laboratory Results
  • Entry of CPT, ICD-10 and SNOMED Codes
  • Auto-assign CPT codes based on specimen/slide codes
  • Flexible transcription workflow options
  • Integrated transcription tool (Microsoft® Word®  based)
  • AP templates automatically populate MS Word® Report
  • Data Entry and edits are performed directly into the document and posted via bookmarks
  • Bethesda and User Defined Classification System
  • Import laboratory results into case reports
  • Automatically pull QC samples
  • Hold abnormal samples for pathology review
  • Multiple Cytology statistical reports, including client and Cytology Technologist report
  • QC/QA selections for peer review
  • Addendum management and tracking
  • E-signature sign off
  • Parameterized report templates with flexible routing features
    Report options include color, jpeg and bitmap image printing, logos, etc.
  • Pending/Status Reports and workflow sensitive worksheets
  • Correlation and statistical reports
  • Correlation Report between frozen and final diagnosis
  • Auto distribution of reports to doctors, locations, etc.


  • Intuitive navigation reduces learning curve
  • Flexible utilization enables workflow efficiency
  • Increase productivity with batch options
  • Automated CPT code assignment improves reimbursements
  • Reports, reports, reports – highly graphical, tailored format, report distribution options for customer-centric needs

CyberPATH can help manage and monitor the Pathology Department (QC, QA, usage, specimen status, TAT, Correlation, Cyto Tech workload, etc.) so you can manage your business.

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